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Building an Intelligent Transport Information Platform for Smart Cities is a huge effort and we welcome input from other groups. If you are interested, please email Dr Glenford Mapp (Associate Professor and Head of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – Connected Vehicles Research at Middlesex University):


MDX VANET Research Group Members:

  1. Dr Glenford Mapp (Associate Professor and Head of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – Connected Vehicles Research at Middlesex University):
  2. Dr Arindam Ghosh:
  3. Vishnu Vardhan Paranthaman:
  4. Oneykachukwu Augustine Ezenwigbo:
  5. Victor Otite Iniovosa:
  6. Igor Topolski:



Central London Testbed Project (CLTP):

  1. Project Co-ordinators – Dr Glenford Mapp (Associate Professor):, Head of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – Connected Vehicles Research at Middlesex University.
  2. Project Co-ordinators – Prof Mischa Dohler:, Head of the Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR) at Kings College London.
  3. Principal Investigators (PIs) – Dr Arindam Ghosh:
  4. Principal Investigators (PIs) – Dr Fragkiskos Sardis:



Past PhD Students:

  1. Arindam Ghosh: (PhD completed, 2016)


Current PhD Students:

  1. Vishnu Vardhan Paranthaman:
  2. Oneykachukwu Augustine Ezenwigbo: :
  3. Victor Otite Iniovosa:



Past Undergraduate Students (2014-2015):

  1. Govar Abdulkarim, (BSc completed, 2015)
  2. Nicolae Starciuc, (BSc completed, 2015)
  3. Kajanthan Rajalingam, (BSc completed, 2015)



Past Undergraduate Students (2015-2016):

  1. Igor Topolski, (BSc completed, 2016)
  2. Paul Michael Pronaszko, (BSc completed, 2016)
  3. Mohammad Abrar Faisal Haque, (BSc completed, 2016)
  4. Simon Bao, (BSc completed, 2016)
  5. Anthony Okorley, (BSc completed, 2016)
  6. Alban Marku, (BSc completed, 2016)


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